Xmas Orca

Tidings of Comfort & Joy . . .

‘Xmas Luna’ is an orca of shining Christmas lights on English Bay. She’s 7 metres long, and she visits Vancouver at this time of year every year. She looks out over the beach to the Salish Sea. She’s seasonal and festive, and it’s that time of year, but she shows us less about orcas and more what we believe about them.

Xmas Luna would be frustrated if she looked for kindred in the ocean in front of her. There are only 74 resident orcas left, but Luna doesn’t seem at all concerned.

What if  Luna and the local orcas aren’t kin at all? They look somewhat similar, but this Luna is lying on her belly with her head in the air and her flukes to the sky. Millions of people have seen that pose–but they happen only in aqua-zoos. Wild orcas don’t do it.(1)

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Simian Selfies: Copyright Competition

He took the photo, but who has the copyright?

This is a simple story: a photogenic monkey took a selfie.

Naruta, a rare crested macaque, lives in a reserve in Sulawesi, Indonesia. A British wildlife photographer, David Slater, spent three days getting familiar with the animals and taking pictures of them.

Then, one day, Slater left a camera near the macaques. On purpose. On a tripod, with a shutter trigger. The inquisitive creatures just couldn’t resist the fascinating machine. Its shutter clicked, the lens made reflections. There was even a flashgun. The macaques took lots of pictures. Some of them were good.

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