“SnapShots” are short glimpses of the strange relationship between humans and animals. They are sometimes amusing, often tragic.

May 2017: Sea lions nibble on human divers off the British Columbia coast “to see if they’re squishy” (CBC, 25/3/2017). It seems these ones are not squishy enough to eat. They clearly could be.  One ‘squishy’ human would be tragic–for humans, that is. In the meantime, the photographer is well-equipped to capture the special moment for others.

The sea lions appear as performers for the startled and delighted  primary audience of divers. A vast additional online audience is awed. There are no bars in this particular sea event. These Sea Lions can come and go; but there’s a thrill in seeing animals close up and potentially threatening. It is part of what makes a zoo a fascinating safari. It’s a safari that tells as much about humans as it does about animals, maybe more.  (“ZooTourism” will a longer discussion of viewership, but “SnapShots” are quick introductions to issues and events).


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