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Zoo animals lead different lives than they would outside. What is it like–what has it been like since the early 1800s–to be in a zoo? What do they tell us about us, our society, history, and our attitudes?

This history of zoos is told in photos, reflections, and stories of zoos and their unique relationship to humans.

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I don’t like animals overly much. I don’t like people much more than that. Both are fascinating, though. Animals don’t kill people often now, but people kill more animals than ever before. Individual animals and species. Sometimes we keep them in zoos because they amaze us. That elephant could crush us by accident, that tiger could eat us, that panda could cuddle us. So we keep them in cages. I grew up, and live, in a city that had a zoo until 1996. Sometimes the penguins were paraded down to the public pool to cool off in summer. A polar bear saved a kitten once, apparently. That zoo is gone, but many more live on. Continue reading “Welcome”

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